Is it scam? Is it a lottery? Is it a casino? Is it all about luck? 

Fortunately no. There are some rules and logic into crypto trading. But, it will not be excess to say that sometimes trading really depends on luck.  

Anyway, how to treat currency trading? I’ve made a conclusion that crypto trading is a sport. A sport where people compete who is 1. Smarter 2. Riskier 3. Luckier. 

The smartest, the most risk taking and the luckiest people take prizes, while the opposite side of the competition loose their money.  

You always have to remember, money can’t appear from nothing. If there are millions of people who have got rich with trading – there are millions of people who have lost or will loose the same amount of money with the same trading. 

There is an exception, when let’s say a Bitcoin will grow from 0 to 500’000 and will never fall back down. But, while it can fall down, even in a thousand years, all money people got in 2009-2022, other people will loose in 3009-3022.

In other words, in this case we are taking money from people from the future. And the main rule still works – you can’t get money from nothing, you get money from somebody, winners get money from losers. Crypto trading is a sport, the same as box, where both opponents have made a bid and where the winner will get everything and a looser will lose his or her bid. The only difference is that here the tool is not your arms but mind, and there are not only 2 opponents but millions.