Alexey Zyablov

Founder of Naiuma

Alexey Zyablov was born in Kazakhstan, Pavlodar town in 1990 year. He attended a local school of art in 2006 year and subsequently studied architecture in the local university from 2007 to 2011 year.

He is interested not only in architecture but also in technologhies, that is why independently he studied different programming languages and basics of electronics.

He has strong Leadership qualities and aspiration for changing people’s life for the better.


Founder of a Digital Studio Designeling.com

Mainly everything started in 2010 year as freelance work on fl.ru and freelancer.com platforms. But during the years Alexey developed a website designeling.com where represents his portfolio and gets projects from ower the world.

His main responsibilities were:

- 3D Development
- 3D animation
- Concept design
- Architectural design
- Architectural planning
- Interior design
- Web design, web development
- Chracter design
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Founder of Naiuma.com

Alexey founded Naiuma company in 2016 year. During this period of time he elaborated the brand, his architectural portfolio, improved his architectural, design and technical skills, developed the website, developed items for the store, both, furniture and appliences, developen the whole concept and strategy for growth.

Now he would like to open the company’s office in Hong Kong.

Areas of expertise

High level of expertise:

- Architecture
- Design
- 3D Engeenering

Medium level of expertise:

- Programming
- AI Development
- Web Development
- Electronics

Personal Skills

- Creativity
- Generation of new ideas
- Good Analitical Skills
- Problem Solvind
- Logical Thinking
- Negotiations

Key Skills

- High Attention to details
- High Attention to Growth Strategy

Computer Skills


- Auto CAD
- Revit
- Archi CAD
- 3ds MAX
- Rhino
- Octane Renderer
- Corona Renderer


- 3ds MAX
- Rhino
- Zbrush
- Photoshop
- Adobe Illustrator


- Python
- C++
- JavaScript

Hardware Skills

- Arduino
- Raspberry PI
- DC,Stepper Motors
- Servo Motors
- Sensors


- Russian (Native)
- English (The Second)


- Current location is Kazakhstan, Pavlodar Town
- Willing to move to Hong Kong


E-mail: contact@naiuma.com
Phone: +7 705 9874386