Knowlage about psychology makes people better cells of socium. When you know how your brain and psyche works you start to understand your partners, friends and interlocuters. Moreover you start to be more polite, kind and sympathetic. You understand what is bad and why, what is good and why, you understand that being good is truly better than being bad and you start to study how to obtain all these qualities. These are not only good words, that is science, founded on logic and laws of the universe. You begin to understand that right after you start to listen to yourself and think about your behaviour. Now you can imagine how you look from the side and now you comprehend, do you live as a good person or a bad one, do you brings benifits to this world, are you usefull or you are just somebody who destroys the life or bring negative emotions to some or all people? Are you a good example for young generation? I believe these questions are all about psycology, about how you interact with the world. And I believe everybody has to start to think about it someday.