Are photo stocks good sourse of income? I say yes, especially if you are a photgrapher. But if you are a 3D Artist or a Vector Artist that is a good sourse of income too. I’ve just started and I have only 40 uploaded images but I have already earned 100 USD. It is not big amount, but that is 1. Additional earnings; 2. Independent money. You don’t need to follow rules or overextend, you don’t have timeframes, you just do what you like to do, absolutely relaxed. And after that you get 100 additional USD, what is fine. By the way, all thumbnail images you see here into my blog were made by me for photo stocks. So, you can comprehend now how they look. I think it is a good exmple to show from what to start if you want to do it.

How to make money on photo stock?

That is easy. First of all you need to have a PC or Mac. Then you need to have a Photo Camera or a 2D or 3D Software, for image generating. You can use Adobe Photoshop, 3Ds MAX, Adobe Illustrator, Blender and many other programs. Then you need to understand, that there are different popular topics on photostocks. They are people, economy, politics, geography etc. You need to make images on these topics and then to upload them to different photo stocks. My favorite are Adobe Stock and Shutter Stock. Also there are Depositephotos, Dreamstime and many others.

That is all, after that you only need to wait untill people will buy your images. The concept is simple, more images you have – more sells you get. Theoretically, if you have 2000 good images you will have about 500-1000 additional USD per month, or even more.

So, you can try it now!