What is the best place to live for me?

That is not a diffcult question. I trully convinced that I want to live in New York City. You can ask me “why?”, and I will have a bunch of answers for you. First of all I lived there from 2014 to 2015 year and I know the life there. I know that NYC is really cool because of a lot of reasons.

But, back directly to the question, why? I’ll start from that things, people and cities can grow internal and external. You can improve your health, strength, skills, wealth, apperiance and cities can do the same. There are young people and adult, expirienced people and people who haven’t got any skills. Modern people and conservative people. There is the same with cities. I feel that New York is a very advanced, developed and strong city. Obviously you have more opportunites there and you can get acquainted with interesting people because my observation shows that the most popular, smart or beautiful people move to NYC to realize their potential.

The separate topic is skyscapers. This is art. It is like the future in the reality. All bilboards, lightings, businesses on the ground floor of buildings, everything these make unrepeatable vibe of the city. You start to feel better when you get into New York. You literally feel the power of it and it helps you to move forward.

Everybody there is very friendly. Everybody wants to get acquainted with you, tries to start a conversation, smiles. Mostly because the city has made a foundation for that, because there you can organize a comfortable life process for yourself. For example, if you don’t like to cook, you always can eat a very cheap, but very tasty food there. Pizza is only for 1 USD. A cup of coffee is also 1 USD. A very tasty Chinese bun is also only 1 USD. Meanwhile if you work on a company there, you will earn about 5000-8000 USD per month, it is average salary for a New Yorker. It means, that you always can afford yourself buying teasty food and modern clothes for you and your family. You always will have enought to enjoy your life and to be happy.

The most important thing in NYC is education. I don’t mean universities but free libraries. There are the best libraries of the world in New York City. It means that you always can get free education there only reading right books absolutely for free. So, if you are in New York you gotta be very successful at least if you strive to be that one.

Meanwhile I believe there are a lot of beautiful cities in USA which I’ve not visited yet. Some of them are calm and cozy, some of them are relaxing, other ones force you to always be busy. You can find there places with an ocean or with mountains and forests. Any types of places, depending on your desire.