If you still don’t mine – start doing it. Mining is a good way to get passive income.

At the moment my main source of income is Architecture and 3D Graphics. That is why I bought 4 Graphic Cards for myself. 1 RTX 3090, 1 RTX 2080 TI and 2 GTX 1080 TI. I bought them specialy to render animation and static images of Architecture but over time I started to think that I invested a lot of money but big amount of time my graphic cards just stand without work. And I decided, that mining is the best way out from this situation.

Here, in this article, I will tell you how to start to mine, will Bitcoin grow up in 2021 and many other information. But let’s start from the next question, because that is what I started from.

Does mining bitcoin damage gpu?

First time, I didn’t start mining because I afraided that my cards will get burned down, but that was a big mistake. Now I totally used to feel that everything is okay. I have been mining for already 10 months and everything is still good. I guess not, it doesn’t damage your GPU if you provide good air flow from your windows or/and cooling by coolers or water cooling. Also, if it is hot summer, you can put a fan in front of your PCs and direct the airflow right to the window leaf. That is what I do.

Does mining bitcoin worth it?

Is mining bitcoin profitable in 2021 year? At the moment, my 4 Graphic Cards can bring me about 0.0004 BTC per day, that is about 500 USD per month, and of course I have substracted electricity. That is why I would recommend you to start mining. It is pretty profitable. So, if you are engaged in 3D Graphics, I definitely recommend you to swich to GPU Rendering and to start mining, it is funny. You always will feel that you have money for your monthly bills, not extra but fundamental. And you will start to feel freedom.

If you want to start mining, I recommend you to buy only new models of graphic cards, because there is a therm in mining – halving, and after halving a lot of old graphic cards will be already usufuless. That is why I choosed this strategy, but a lot of other miners prefer to buy old, used graphic cards, they think that it is more profitable. And may be they are right.

But how to mine Bitcoins?

For that you need to have at least one graphic card or CPU. Then you need to visit nicehash.com, to sign in there and download their software. Then you just need to start it and that is all. I also recommend you to download MSI Afterburner to control fans of your graphic cards, because often, by default, fans turned on not correctly and graphic cards get hited up too quickly and too much. If you turn on MSI Afterburner that process will get adjusted better.

If you are not engaged in 3D Graphics, I recommend you to buy not graphic cards but BITMAIN AntMiner blocks. For example AntMiner S19 Pro. That is the most or one of the most profitable AntMiner blocks at the moment. You can check it’s profitability here: https://www.nicehash.com/profitability-calculator. You can ckeck there any hardware supported by Nicehash and calculate there your own profitability plan.

Will Bitcoin go up?

I guess nobody knows. But a lot of experts say that Bitcoin will grow up to 100000 USD per 1 BTC or even 250000 USD per 1 BTC. The concept of Bictoin is making it replacing gold. It means that the creator of Bitcoin was going to achive the point when 1 BTC will cost 500000 USD or even higher. Personally I belive in good, I am a positive thinker and also I see how Bitcoin still grows. That is why I belive everything will be excellent. Meanwhile, everything very profitable always has risks.

So, I guess now you know more about mining, that is very easy. I wish you good luck and if you still don’t mine, just try to take it into consideration!