Here I will show you how to start a very successfull blog in 2021. At the start I need to say, it will not be the easiest way but the most uniq and stylish. With this guide your blog will be much better than competitors’ ones.

First thing you need to do is choosing and buying the right domain for your blog. You can buy it on different websites but I use There you can buy hosting and domain. Usually one month of hosting is worth $5 USD per month for one website and one domain price is from $2 USD to $15 USD depending on the zone you prefere. For example now, at the moment, a domain in .COM zone costs $7.99 USD. Also, if you want you can buy a very expencive, exclusive domain approximately for $2000 – $4000 USD on It is usually exclusive domains like or, if they are still available.

However, I will show you how it works on the Dreamhost example. You need to sign-up or log in to WebHosting CP on, then you need to buy hosting and domain. If WordPress has not been preinstalled on your domain when you bought it you need to go here:

and install it manually doing these steps:

Then you need to get passwords for FTP access and your WordPress Panel. For that you need to go here

The next thing is that you need to download an FTP client to have access to your hosting. I use FileZilla. You can download it for free here: Then you need to install it and open it. Here you can see how it looks: