First of all you really need to determinate in your mind that learning english is one of your main goals for the nearest future. You need to explain to yourself “why it is your main goal”. You need to have reasons, for example, you really want to move abroad or your career depends on the english skills. After you understand that it is really highly important to you, you will learn English with higher passion. That is the foundation of successful learning of any skill.

The next important thing to know is that you need to understand that English, or any other language is devided on 2 main sections: Grammar and Vocabulary. You can’t be an expert if there is a lack of any of them, so you need to develop both simultaniusly.

Unfortunately the reality is that you need to read diffirent articles or books to start to understand the grammar. It is inevitable. Usually, if I have any misunderstanding of grammar I google it. That is the simpliest way to get an answer, but also you always can ask a question on any English forums to native speakers. One of them is People always will be glad to answer on your questions there.

Another side of the coin is vocabulary. I don’t know a better way than words cramming. All you need is to watch movies and write out all words you don’t know on square paper cards. This is how they look:

There is one word which you want to learn on one side and there is it’s translation on another side. Also you always can chech it’s pronunsiation here:

A good advice is watching your favorite movies or animes. Those ones which you truly love. In this case it will be much easier to memorize new words.

But if you are a beginner, I advise you to start from the top 100 of popular English words. It will help you to start talking already in a week.

There is another part of language learning. It is practice. There are reading, writing, speaking, and listening. All you need is to make a step out of your comfort zone. Convert all devices and software at work and home to English language. Find friends who study English too. Find English speaking clients. Start to read English books and watch movies only on the langluage you learn. Start to write your blog in English. All these will totally help you to make a step to another level of English understanding.