I’ll say it first, it was pretty easy because it was interesting. I lived in NYC and wanted to study technology. The first thing which came up in the mind was web development. Probably because it is very available on the internet. There are many tutorials and you can get the result already in the first month of studying. So, I started to learn how to work with HTML and CSS. I watched a lot of tutorials on Youtube and read a lot of Articles about programming. All from home. I never studied it in University. The first website which I made was not too good, but step by step I’ve finally made my first website.

It was my Architectural Firm made with PHP, WordPress, HTML5 and CSS.

Then I started to study Java Script and made by second website – my own Design Agency. Also on WordPress.

My next step was this blog and resume, Alexeyzyablov.com. Here I honed my JS Skills and then started to study Django. I already knew Python, what I needed was only studying the framework.

So, I converted my Design Studio Designeling.com from PHP and WordPress to Django and Python. It started to be much faster and what is also important I started to totally understand how the website is set up.

Then I did the same with my Architectural Studio.

And now I am writing this article. This is my story how I’ve learned web development and how I’ve become a full stuck developer studying programming from home just watching tutorials on YouTube.