What is crypto trading?

Is it scam? Is it a lottery? Is it a casino? Is it all about luck? 

Fortunately no. There are some rules and logic into crypto trading. But, it will not be excess to say that sometimes trading really depends on luck.  

Anyway, how to treat currency trading? I’ve made a conclusion that crypto trading is a sport. A sport where people compete who is 1. Smarter 2. Riskier 3. Luckier. 

The smartest, the most risk taking and the luckiest people take prizes, while the opposite side of the competition loos...

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Character design

Lately I've been thinking about creation of a PC game. I already have a concept in my mind, and have started to develop my first character. Here you can see her. She is a police officer from the distant future.

Later she will have her own history and personality. I am sure I will show you more in the future. So, stay tuned.

By the way, I've created this charecter using 3Ds MAX and Octane Render and in the future would like to connect it with logic in Unreal Engine. To do it, first I will need to animate it and only then to connect it with the Engine. So, a ...

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My third investment | the cheapest altcoins

Today is 23.11.2021 and I decided to distribute 100 USD between the 8 cheappest alctoins.

They are AOA, LBA, PHP, CKB, CND, SC, YOYO, GO. GO is not the cheapest but one of the first 15.

The strategy is simple. All alcoins costed minimum at the begining and some of them has growed up to the current level. It can be not the biggest cost but still much bigger than the mimimun. Some of altoins showed 10000% or even bigger growth. This is the reason why I've decided to invest in the cheapest altcoins.

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My second investment | XYO Tokens

Today is 09.21.2021 and I've just bought 9000 XYO Tokens for 300 USD. My logic was simple. I've checked it's annual growth and it was 7000%, then I've checked it's growth over the last month and it was 261%. So, I've made a conclustion that it grows constantly during the last year.

Its cost on 09.21.2021 is 0.03 USD per coin, it is almost the lowest price of all tokens on the most famous trading platforms. So my decision was that it can be a good investment for today. We will see it if it's true in a year.

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How to learn english

First of all you really need to determinate in your mind that learning english is one of your main goals for the nearest future. You need to explain to yourself "why it is your main goal". You need to have reasons, for example, you really want to move abroad or your career depends on the english skills. After you understand that it is really highly important to you, you will learn English with higher passion. That is the foundation of successful learning of any skill.

The next important thing to know is that you need to understand that English, or any other language is devided on 2 main sections: Gramma...

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What profession should i choose

There are thousands of good proffesions, but not every one leads you to good, comfortable life in this world. Some of them are very noble, other ones lead you directly to success, and you don't know what to choose? In this article I will share with you my thoughts about the best professions in 2021 year.

First of all let's start from the next questions "What is your real dream?", "Whom really would you like to become?", or "Where whould you like to spend all your life?" and thanks to these questions you will start your personal search of your profession. For example if you have answered "I want to spend my whole...

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Photo stocks – additional income

Are photo stocks good sourse of income? I say yes, especially if you are a photgrapher. But if you are a 3D Artist or a Vector Artist that is a good sourse of income too. I've just started and I have only 40 uploaded images but I have already earned 100 USD. It is not big amount, but that is 1. Additional earnings; 2. Independent money. You don't need to follow rules or overextend, you don't have timeframes, you just do what you like to do, absolutely relaxed. And after that you get 100 additional USD, what is fine. By the way, all thumbnail images you see here into my blog were made by me for photo stocks. So, you can comprehend now how they look. I think it is a...

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ITISUNI, Tutorials about robotics

A few months ago I started to record video tutorials about programming and robotics. Frankly speaking, I very like programming and I want to connect my routine somehow with it. That is why I decided to make a free platform for robotics education. I got a very cool domain, Itisuni.com, what means it is university. So, everything is ready, I only need to make videos as often as possible.

First of all I am going to record videos for begginers, about Python Language, then I think I will record videos about Raspberry PI.

By the way, you can find my YouTube channel...

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How to mine Bitcoin

If you still don't mine - start doing it. Mining is a good way to get passive income.

At the moment my main source of income is Architecture and 3D Graphics. That is why I bought 4 Graphic Cards for myself. 1 RTX 3090, 1 RTX 2080 TI and 2 GTX 1080 TI. I bought them specialy to render animation and static images of Architecture but over time I started to think that I invested a lot of money but big amount of time my graphic cards just stand without work. And I decided, that mining is the best way out from this situation.

Here, in this article, I will tell you ...

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XRP and DASH, my first investment

19 April 2021:

Today I finally invested my money in Bitcoin. I saw as Bitcoin had dropped down to 56000 USD and I thought - YEAH, that is my chance, I always wanted to try traiding. I belive that Bitcoin will grow minimum to 100000 USD for a coin, but at the moment it's highest point is about $65000. "Okay, let's try", with this thoughts I deposited 1500 USD and bought about 0.03 BTC. What I saw the next is how XRP grew on 6% today, meanwhile Bitcoin grew only on 1% and already didn't look so attractive. I had decided to convert everything to XRP and also to add 100 additional USD for DASH, becase it grew yester...

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The best place to live

What is the best place to live for me?

That is not a diffcult question. I trully convinced that I want to live in New York City. You can ask me "why?", and I will have a bunch of answers for you. First of all I lived there from 2014 to 2015 year and I know the life there. I know that NYC is really cool because of a lot of reasons.

But, back directly to the question, why? I'll start from that things, people and cities can grow internal and external. You can improve your health, strength, skills, wealth, apperiance and cities can do the same. There are young pe...

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Psychology – a way to be better

Knowlage about psychology makes people better cells of socium. When you know how your brain and psyche works you start to understand your partners, friends and interlocuters. Moreover you start to be more polite, kind and sympathetic. You understand what is bad and why, what is good and why, you understand that being good is truly better than being bad and you start to study how to obtain all these qualities. These are not only good words, that is science, founded on logic and laws of the universe. You begin to understand that right after you start to listen to yourself and think about your behaviour. Now you can imagine how you look from the side and now you comp...

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