19 April 2021:

Today I finally invested my money in Bitcoin. I saw as Bitcoin had dropped down to 56000 USD and I thought – YEAH, that is my chance, I always wanted to try traiding. I belive that Bitcoin will grow minimum to 100000 USD for a coin, but at the moment it’s highest point is about $65000. “Okay, let’s try”, with this thoughts I deposited 1500 USD and bought about 0.03 BTC. What I saw the next is how XRP grew on 6% today, meanwhile Bitcoin grew only on 1% and already didn’t look so attractive. I had decided to convert everything to XRP and also to add 100 additional USD for DASH, becase it grew yesterday on 200%, can you believe it? So, I did it. Next few hours were so happy, because I observated how my money generate 50-70 additional USD for me. Now I am going to sleep.

20 April 2021:

I started my day from news that I have lost 250 USD while I slept. XRP and DASH fell down on 10-20 persents. I don’t worry because I belive that it will grow. I read that experts say that XRP will grow up on 1000-2000% to 2030 year. My attitude is that 1500 USD is not big money to loose, but 15000 is sufficently big amount of money to get. That is why I am ready to take a risk. Also, I am a very positive thinker and I am pretty confident that XRP will grow.

21 April 2021:

This morning has been started from the news that I am loosing already only 60 USD instead of 250 USD. That is great. I was excited but later it fell down to 170 again. I am going to take a rest and just wait a few days. Then I will write continuation of the post.

23 April 2021:

Maybe I choosed not the best time for investment, because at the moment I am loosing 500 USD. XRP costs 1.04 USD, DASH – 260 USD, BTC – 50700 USD. Well let’s see, I still belive it will turn up again someday, even in one year but it will.

30 April 2021:

Finally I am having 140 USD of profit! Yeah! 140 USD is good, but I am going to wait longer.

6 May 2021:

Yeah, at the moment I am having 251 USD of profit!

Conclusion, Is it worth to invest in cryptocurrency?

My opinion is “Yes”. I think cryptocurrency is the best investment in 2021 year. There are 2 options, low risk and low profit or high risk but high profit. Bitcoin vs young cryptocurrencies like XRP, DASH and DOGE. Bitcoin shows steady growth during last 5 years. It grows and it looks like it will grow a few years more. But already not too fast. Probably it will grow in 2 times in the next 2-3 years. It is not too much but still good. Regarding young cryptocurrencies, they can grow on 200-300% per one single day and 1000-10000% per year or 5 years. But there is a risk, that they will be not needful to anyone. My strategy was simple, I noticed a cryptocyrrency which shows steady grow but still is not too big. I explored experts’ opinions and had understood that my choice will grow minimum on 100% during next 10 years and maximum on 1000%. I think it is a suitable type of investment for me, so, I have invested my money mostly in XRP.

That was my story, thank you very much for you time. I hope you have took something usuful from it. In any case, I wish you good luck in investment and start, don’t afraind, money is just resources, if you have skills you will get money in any way even if you loose it a few times before. Meanwhile, please don’t forget that investment in Crypto is always a risk, you need to be prepared to any outcome both, positive and negative.