My bio:

My name is Alexey Zyablov, I was born in Kazakhstan, Pavlodar Town in 1990 year. I still live here.
I speak English and Russian. Russian is my native language.
My current goal is to move to NYC. I already lived there for a year, and I think this is the city where I would like to stay forewher.
I studied in Pavlodar State University and had obtained a bachelor's degree in architecture.
Despite that I also like programming, psycology, robotics and a little bit of biology.

My projects:

At the moment I have 4 valuable for me projects, they are: 1. My Blog; 2. - smart future; 3. - free online university, where you can study basics of programing and robotics; 4. - Digital Desgin studio.

My contacts:


PHONE: +7 705 9874386